Frequently Asked Questions

How much would I be paid if my home was used as a film location?

Brisbane companies pay around $1200 per day to hire your home. This is negotiable and varies on time and budget. A lower fee may apply to stills photography shoots.

What does it involve?

One of our staff will visit your home / property for about 30 minutes to photograph the interior and exterior for our database, and look at available parking and accessibility. They’ll explain the whole process and answer any questions you have about a location hire.

I’m concerned about the privacy of information stored on film and on record.

Information is kept in confidence and used solely for the purpose of assisting professional film-makers. The database is securely stored by QFL. Images that match a brief may be shared with film production companies. Shortlisted property owners are contacted to confirm availability and agreement before any further action occurs.

Is there a cost to list on the database?

No, there is no cost. You may list, move house, rebuild, relist, withdraw. Just keep us informed if there’s any changes to the photos on file.

What if I don’t want the interior of the home photographed?

If your home has some special features outside – you can just list your home for exterior use only.

How do I list my property with QFL?

You can contact Queensland Film Location by phoning 0406 334 36 or sending an email to, you can email us from the ‘List with us’ page. Attaching photos is optional.

Can I list if I’m a tenant and don’t own the property?

Location fees should be paid to the owner. In special circumstances, an agreement can be drawn to share the location fee but all parties must agree to participate.

Should we stay home during the filming?

That’s your choice but it is recommended that you are better off-site. If sound is being recorded – all pets, children and anyone who doesn’t need to be there would be better away from the filming. QFL provides a one-page info sheet of tips for homeowners whose house is being used as a film location

What about damage or injury occurring at my property during a film shoot?

Film Production companies and photographers are covered with public liability insurance. When you agree to a shoot you’ll be asked to sign a Location Agreement. This document outlines the production companies use of your property and your right to be compensated for hire, loss or damage.

Does listing on the database guarantee our property will be chosen for a film shoot?

There is no guarantee that your property will match a brief or be chosen but if we know your place is available then you have the opportunity to be considered.