A movie scene clapboard on a turquoise background

Tips for the home owners whose house will become a film location

Remember – the film industry needs locations to make films and commercials. The film industry wants to keep a good location so they can come back again. The crew want to leave your location looking as good or better than when they arrived.

But we must confess – having a film crew in your home can be quite intrusive. The crew plus talent and extras can sometimes mean up to 25 people may enter your home.

After welcoming the location manager or the producer who is first on-site, we recommend taking a day at the beach or elsewhere and returning when it’s all over.

Here are some tips to help everyone on the day….

Please move your cars out and well down the road. Clear the garage. We like to use your garage for catering and storage and keep food and drinks (except bottled water) out of the house. If we over cater on the day – we may offer you the leftovers.

Clear your driveway. We may need to park a large van (known as ‘Unit’) in your driveway. Or the driveway may be part of the film shoot.

We would prefer if pets and children had the day away from the house. If we’re recording sound – we need to eliminate background noises.

Please stow away any precious belongings and items of glass, pottery etc. to protect them from harm.

Allocate a toilet that the crew may use – on the ground floor. We will bring our own toilet paper, soap, paper towel and a small bin. Please stow your own toiletries away.

Please declare any pre-existing damage – like a small hole in the wall or known scuffs etc.

Declare any private rooms or no-go zones so the location manager can sign them appropriately.

We’ll deliver a letterbox drop to your neighbours but if you see the neighbours – prime everyone for what is about to occur. The on-street parking will be affected and your neighbours may lose their favourite car parks.

In some cases, if the budget has allowed for a location manager, the location manager will cover the floors with mats and cover your furniture with sheets or tarps to reduce the possibility of unwanted marks.

Always check the house at the end of the film shoot to look for anything that’s out of place or not to your liking. Contact the location manager to discuss any issues.

Finally… Enjoy the experience. Share the stories.